Stephanie Donovan, a dynamic and experienced attorney, joins the Tressler LLP firm today as a partner in the Chicago and Bolingbrook offices. She will be a member of the Local Government Law Practice Group, with a focus in the areas of Employment and Labor law.

“We are thrilled to welcome Stephanie to Tressler, as she will be a great asset to the firm,” said John M. O’Driscoll, partner. “Stephanie is a talented and experienced attorney with a diverse background and wide range of skills. We are very excited at the terrific employment and labor knowledge Stephanie brings to the table.”

Stephanie comes to Tressler from her position as the General Counsel for the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE). There Stephanie acted as Chief Labor Negotiator for successor contracts and advanced the Superintendent’s vision policies at the bargaining tables. She also managed all litigation filed against the ISBE. As General Counsel, Stephanie has extensive experience dealing with the numerous employee issues ranging from FMLA, to grievances, to ADA problems, to interest arbitrations.

For nineteen years, Stephanie has counseled and represented a wide range of public and private sector clients—primarily at the executive level—in a broad array of practice areas and in private law firms, companies and public sector agencies. Stephanie has also spent significant time focusing on K-12 education law as an attorney in a private law firm and as the Chief of Staff in the Office of Strategic School Support Services (OS4) for the Chicago Public Schools (CPS).