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A Case of Nuisance Abatement and Substantive Due Process

Local Government May Take Property Without Compensation if the Taking is Necessary to Protect Public Health and Safety A recent Seventh Circuit decision re-affirmed precedent that, so long as the proper procedures are followed, local governments may take private property… Continue Reading →

How Public-Private Partnerships for Low-Income Housing Impact Zoning

Low-income housing has long been a contentious issue in Illinois.  In particular, residents frequently challenge any zoning which allows low-income housing to be developed in their community. The case of Housing Authority of County of Lake v. Lake County Zoning… Continue Reading →

Why Lenders are Immune from Claims of Devaluing Property Tax Bases under the Fair Housing Act

In the wake of the Great Recession, many local governments have suffered from decreased revenues as property values—and property taxes—have plummeted around the country.  Many people blame the banks for plummeting property values through discriminatory lending practices.  Last week, the… Continue Reading →

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